Waves Become Wings: Neptune and Ariadne

Join me on Sunday, July 22nd for a free talk on Neptune, betrayal and the myth of Ariadne, Theseus and Dionysus.

This talk is hosted by Fresh Voices in Astrology.

Registration is free and you will be able to view each day of the summit for 24 hours.

Book Signing: Joseph Campbell’s Goddesses

East West Bookshop (map)

Between 1972 and 1986, Joseph Campbell gave over twenty lectures and workshops on goddesses, exploring the figures, functions, symbols, and themes of the feminine divine. Safron Rossi, PhD, edited his archival audio lectures into this book, Goddesses: Mysteries of the Feminine Divine. 

Learn how Campbell’s book came into existence after all these years. Explore Campbell’s ideas on goddesses as symbolizing the archetypal energies of transformation, initiation, and inspiration. 

This event is free. 


Workshop: Joseph Campbell on the Mysteries of the Great Goddesses

East West bookshop (map)

In Goddesses: Mysteries of the Feminine Divine, Joseph Campbell traced the one Great Goddess to the many goddesses of the Western mythic imagination. This posthumous work displays his complex and deep sensitivity to feminine divine figures who have symbolized the archetypal energies of transformation, initiation, and inspiration.

From Marija Gimbutas’ studies of Neolithic Old Europe into Sumerian and Egyptian mythology, to Homer’s epic Odyssey, the Greek Eleusinian Mystery cult, the Arthurian legends of the Middle Ages, and into the Neoplatonic Renaissance, Campbell tracked the footprints of the feminine. In this presentation Safron will explore the main symbolic themes and mythic stories with a slide presentation of goddess images.