Like me, you’re probably doing your best to live a conscious, reflective and deep life.

And, possibly, you’re looking for insight as if taking Ariadne’s hand and walking the spiral labyrinth.

Like many before us, we want to connect to the archetypal forms through the mythic imagination and the ensouled universe. Both are psychologically reflective of our experiences and symbolically attuned to the greater, collective weave of life.

Because, as Plotinus said, “All things breathe together”.

My approach is deeply influenced by Jungian and Archetypal psychology which turns to ancient wisdom traditions for knowledge of the soul.

Mythological metaphors and exploring the archetypal layer of experience help reveal the meaningful correspondence between the heavens and our psyche. 

When we encounter challenges in our lives, the symbolism of astrology gives us a larger container to help understand what is happening on a psychological level.

We can discern the root wounds and metaphors in our lives and keep a compassionate discipline on what it is to live more consciously. 

Birth Chart Reading

$175 USD

Exploring your birth chart as a metaphorical landscape leads to understanding underlying archetypal themes. We’ll look at current planetary alignments and progressions for what they reveal about your needs, questions, or concerns. Birth chart reading is 75 minutes. 

To schedule your appointment, please email me (see link directly below) I will get back to you to schedule your session.

Prior to our reading I’ll need your complete birth information: date, time of birth and location.

Consultations are offered by phone or web video (Zoom). Sessions are recorded and delivered digitally.

Email me to sCHEDULE a session

follow-up Readings

(within 3 months of first session)

$125 USD

Often after the initial session there are questions that come up as you digest the reading. A follow-up session can be very helpful in working more closely with what was discussed, or exploring other areas. In essence, this is a continuation of our conversation.  

Consultations that occur more than 3 months after an initial birth chart reading typically require fresh preparation looking at transits and how this informs your chart. See below...

 transit Reading

$175 USD

Transit readings focus on the current alignment of the planets in relationship to your chart as well as progressions, both of which give insight into what is unfolding right now.

This reading is available for individuals who have already had an initial birth chart reading with me and who need:

  • To focus on specific questions or concerns about something happening in your life.

  • A general forecast for the month, season, or year ahead.

Transit reading is 75 minutes.

Consultations are offered by phone or web video (Zoom). Sessions are recorded and delivered digitally.

email me to SCHEDULE a session

The Fine Print
Scheduling and Payment

  • Clients must pay for their reading once the session has been scheduled.

  • No refunds will be given for readings once they are booked. Rescheduling options will be provided so long as I am notified 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. All appointments are scheduled for California PST time, USA.

  • Preparing for a reading takes time, therefore no shows without prior notice or a request to reschedule will not be refunded.

An astrological reading with Safron is like nothing I have ever experienced…deep, thoughtful, thought-provoking…as if she is speaking to my soul. I listen, listen again, transcribe, and go back to it time and time again as it continues to give me guidance and insight into my life.
— Toni D'Anca
Safron blows me away. Her eloquence and intelligence allows her freedom to beautifully voice a perfect metaphor, poem or prose to articulate her point. Coupled with astounding intuition and skill, and I get an astrology reading that delivers exactly what I need to hear. It is also the gift that keeps on giving, as I have played the recording she gave me numerous times and always get more from it. A new little piece to the puzzle of life.
— Simone Temkin
I have been a private client of Dr. Rossi’s since 2013. Because of her rich academic background in depth psychology and mythology, her astrological readings go far beyond traditional readings. She helps uncover unconscious patterns of behavior that may influence her clients’ attitudes and behaviors. I have found her guidance to be of tremendous value as I carefully plan my personal and professional lives. She is brilliant, precise, and a bright light to the evolving field of astrology.
— Kathleen A. Barry, PhD
Safron’s archetypal approach, how she calls the planets “he” and “she”, have helped me view planetary influences in my life as more magical and more real at the same time. I have a sense that they’re friends, distinct energies who are allies to get to know and work with. I highly recommend her readings as a way to harmonize with the celestial energies that surround you and see your life experiences from new perspectives.
— Joy Balsam