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Safron Rossi, PhD


Safron Rossi, PhD


THE ARCHETYPAL EYE  is a place for approaching astrology, mythology, psychology and culture from archetypal perspectives. It’s full of guidance and inspiration to help illuminate the soul and ignite the imagination. 

In my Notebook  (blog) you can read about major planetary shifts and transits, working with your natal birth chart as a cosmic compass, and how to apply these insights to your day to day life. 

You'll also hear me talk about ancient mythology, archetypal psychology,  goddess lore and culture.

It’s all connected. Trust me.

To see with an archetypal eye is to create space for reflection, psyche, embodied consciousness…and to witness the movement of archetypal energy in our lives and world.

I’m so glad you’re here, now.

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About Me

About Me


Astrology is a way of talking about and imagining into the mythic patterns of life.

When reading astrological charts I don’t “cookbook” the planets and their qualities to come up with a cookie cutter set of predictions. You are unique and there isn’t one recipe that will cover the complex weaving of your life experiences.

I prefer an archetypal approach that enables me to be with what’s present for you: I’ll draw out the stories, images and words of wisdom that are innate within your situation that may not be visible yet.

Archetypal astrology is a practice where we look at who you're becoming and how your stories and dreams are shaping your life.

My love for astrology began in childhood when my mother and her friends were imagining how the planets and stars were shaping their lives. I was steeped in the basic principles of astrology, but moved away from serious study until this passion was rekindled after I completed my dissertation.

I finally had the space to expand my knowledge of astrology, which was deepened by my studies of mythology, depth psychology and comparative literature.

What I have come to understand is that astrology needs the combined praxis of mythology and depth psychology in order to resonate at the deepest level of our life experiences.

So to imagine the planets as gods, a core perspective in the work of James Hillman and
C. G. Jung is to be in relationship to the anima mundi, or soul of the world.

Astrology as soul practice.

When you encounter challenges in your life, the practice of astrology gives you a larger container to help understand what is happening on a psychological level.

And, you go from a sense that stuff happens randomly with little significance, to beginning to recognize your own deeper psychic patterns.

When life gets overwhelming, we are easily distracted away from what’s important.

We can discern the root wounds and metaphors in our lives and keep a compassionate discipline on what it is to live more consciously.

Through the art and practice of archetypal astrology, I’d love to be your trusted companion and guide through the labyrinth of change and transformation.

My bio

Raised in a family of artists that read C.G. Jung and Joseph Campbell, I have spent my life steeped in literature, religion and mythology, fields in which I now hold degrees. 

My writing and scholarly studies focus on archetypal psychology, the western astrological tradition, goddess traditions, and feminist studies.

I am an associate core faculty member at Pacifica Graduate Institute in the Depth Psychology Jungian and Archetypal Studies program where I teach courses on mythology and depth psychology.  Formerly I was also the Curator of the Joseph Campbell, James Hillman, and Marija Gimbutas collections, among others, at Opus Archives & Research Center.

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