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Safron Rossi, PhD


Safron Rossi, PhD



 You might be wondering what is archetypal astrology?

 I’ll try to keep my answer brief (not too easy for a scholar of mythology and depth psychology, I’m afraid): It’s all about a way of seeing and understanding our human experience in relationship to the universal processes of life, and my approach focuses on the mythological and archetypal layers of our experience.  

Astrology is a symbolic-mythological fields that can be understood as a psychology of the archetypes.

Astrology is a way to deepen into oneself and our relationship to the gods, that is, the universal processes of life. “The stars of thine own fate lie in thy breast”.

THE ARCHETYPAL EYE  is a place for approaching astrology, mythology, psychology and culture from archetypal perspectives. It’s full of guidance and inspiration to help illuminate the soul and ignite the imagination. 

In my Notebook  you can read about planetary shifts and transits, working with your birth chart as a cosmic compass, and how to apply these insights to your day to day life. 

You'll also hear me talk about ancient mythology, archetypal psychology,  goddess lore and culture…It’s all connected. 

On my lectures page there are webinars, videos and podcasts available.

Explore your cosmic compass. See my consultations page for information on astrology sessions. 

I’m so glad you’re here, now.

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