The Sun slips into Pisces to join Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Chiron, all now floating on the watery wings of the sign of the two Fishes.  

Flow. Fluid ease. Softer vision. Pisces says there’s no need to hang onto those things that have accumulated onto our nerves, under our skin, hardened around our heart. Letting go is a part of the Pisces way. So here we are, in a time where we are supported in letting go, just a bit, of whatever we’ve been clutching onto…

In mindfulness meditation we’re taught that rather than trying to focus on not thinking, we soften to the space around us and simply allow any sounds in the room to wash over and through us. A mindful presence where we are neither grasping at ‘inner silence’ nor defending ourselves from the world. This kind of allowing is Pisces territory.

Now presence, the capacity for deep awareness, does not belong to any one sign though each will express it in a very particular way. For Pisces consciousness, presence means being open to the inner world in relation to outer experience. Connection, flow. Two fishes eternally swimming alongside one another.

This playlist is a prayer to Pisces. Whether instrumental or lyric laden, each piece gives expression to some kind of release. It is a supplication for grace. May we each find an opening into the mystic and be renewed therein.