This Sunday, June 14th, Saturn will step back into Scorpio and float in the tail end of the scorpionic waters until mid-September. Clearly there is something that Saturn needs to return to in Scorpio, something has to be revisited and integrated into our reality from the point of view of the underworld. Only then will Saturn step into the Sagittarian long-view. Saturn was in Scorpio from October of 2012 to this past December, spanning over 2 years of deep work. We were confronted with deep fears, our shadows, furies and frustrations. Many experienced loss, and the restructuring of areas of our life we thought was solid. We were also called out to name our desires, to get real about our truth. This all went down in Saturnian fashion which can feel like a grinding, a slow pressure that makes spaces, interior and exterior, feel constricted, too small. Saturn is the god who helps us create the diamond body, that treasure in and of our soul that only comes into being through enormous pressure.



So here we are again---does this mean that we didn’t really dance hard enough with our fears, that we really didn’t do enough deep soul muck work? That’s what I shared with some of my girlfriends the other night, but then I had a dream that brought the other face of Saturn in Scorpio into focus. No, Saturn is not displeased and back to demand more back and heart breaking work. Saturn is retrograding in order for us to be able to turn back so to retrieve the gold.

The underworld is the home of our shadows and fears and furies, so it is also where the gold is. In fact, the gold lives directly behind all those things – Campbell reminded us of the courageous wisdom that in the darkest cave of your fear lies the very treasure you seek. So we are being given the chance to pick up the pieces of gold we worked so hard for in order to value and bless what has come to pass in service to our deepening wisdom and maturity.

So for these next couple of months if you feel like you’ve taken a step back because a recent yet old issue (wound, problem, attitude, complex) is being triggered, look down and closely, because there’s a piece of gold there. We have to look back and retrieve it, and not be afraid that something’s wrong. Nothing is wrong with retracing our steps, getting a little perspective and appreciation for how far we’ve come, how much work we have in fact done. We have to make right by Saturn, slow down, breath into the shadows. And leave a little gold to Saturn too, however he shows up in your life as discipline, mastery and wisdom.