• Life Artistry Centre (map)
  • Kalorama, Victoria
  • Australia
The context for defining sanity in our time has reached planetary magnitude ... The psyche remains sympathetically bonded to the Earth ... Once upon a time all psychology was ecopsychology.
— Theodore Roszak

An Educational Retreat Presented by Dr. Glen Slater and Dr. Safron Rossi at The Life Artistry Center, Australia.

What returns a sense of soul to the world? This seminar-retreat weekend will engage this question, exploring perspectives and ideas that revitalize the connection between inner life, the patterns of the earth and the rhythms of the universe.

The weekend is for anyone drawn to the nexus of personal development and planetary wellbeing. Through a mix of lectures, conversations, experiential exercises and time to reflect and linger, we will engage a range of topics over three days that illuminate the bonds of psyche and nature.

We will consider the implications of living in a co-creative era, wherein the integrity of the Earth now depends on human consciousness. We will cultivate awareness of how our psychological nature is mirrored in landscapes and night skies, the way seasonal and elemental themes shape self-understanding, and where our impulses and insecurities meet technological trends. Throughout our focus will be on how individual purpose takes on universal significance.  

If you are concerned with Nature in either its inner or outer expressions, these three days will provide means to rethink and reimagine the way mind and matter meet. The fields of depth psychology, ecopsychology, mythology and cosmology will provide us with maps of exploration and paths of inspiration.

Visit The Life Artistry Centre for Archetype, Imagination and Vocation for more information and to register for this retreat.