Unflinchingly facing your emotional truth. Going deep to touch the source springs of your desire so that you can finally say, “this is what I want”. Mars in Scorpio = go deep or get out.

A strong vision needs the clarity that comes with owning our desires. Desire is a compass – this is the work Mars in Scorpio has commissioned from us over the last few months. How’s it coming along?

These thoughts are the inspiration for this playlist. Sexy and melancholy beats that invite a going deep.

Traveling through the last degrees of watery Scorpio the rest of the month, Mars is retracing his retrograde path toward Sagittarian ground. Desire wedded with vision leads to clear action. In late August when Mars meets up with Saturn in Sag, building on the vision will get underway. So for now hold that clarifying flame, own your compass, and sway.